Training Videos

We use LCA project examples to demonstrate and illustrate the use of the many modeling and reporting features in CarbonScope, and then finish up with a GHG inventory project example that shows how most of the features already covered apply equally well to both LCA and GHG inventory projects. It should take about an hour to watch all the training videos and we recommend this for every user regardless of how you plan to use CarbonScope. These training videos, in conjunction with the information in the User Guide page, are intended to get you off to a fast start as a CarbonScope user.

Training Topic YouTube Link Playing Time (minutes)
System diagram 3:29
Input spreadsheet 6:13
Manage projects 3:03
LCA project dashboard 2:34
Simple inflows 4:51
More complex inflows 3:18
Creating a subproject 5:12
Adding a subproject 1:18
Downstream stages 3:37
Interpreting results: mass balance 4:14
Results overview 4:37
Results charts 2:17
What-if analysis: swapping out subprojects 4:15
What-if analysis: altering the formulation 1:40
What if: Comparing projects 4:49
Downloading and navigating the project results file 1:32
GHG inventory project 4:22